Bad Builders Bang to Rights Episodes

Builders and tradesmen are the backbone of Britain, but if you're unlucky enough to hire the wrong one, your life could be turned upside down... In this brand new format, Dominic Littlewood is setting the ultimate snare - by rigging houses with secret cameras to catch rogue tradesmen and bad builders bang to rights.

In each episode Dom will be setting his sights on two targets. Firstly he'll be gunning for a builder who's caused misery to a homeowner. He'll also be tackling a tradesman - one of those people we rely on in an emergency - who's proved that they're just not up to the job. Using cutting edge covert filming equipment in houses up and down the country, Dom will be exposing poor workmanship and dubious behaviour - and discovering what some of the nation's tradesmen get up to when they think no one is watching.

Series 1