Episode 2 - Hungerford

Watch Tue 3rd Feb. 8.00pm - 9.00pm ITV

Episode 2 - Hungerford

This week, Dominic is tackling a builder who left a family living in a half-finished, leaking, wreck, and a plumber who turned a simple job into a three day fiasco.

In 2007 recently widowed Barbara Beaumont moved in with her sister-in-law Wendy Hogg and Wendy's severely handicapped 16 year-old son Joshua, who was born with epilepsy and learning difficulties. Together they came up with a plan to extend the house and make life easier for Josh, by giving him a measure of independence with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom.

Wendy and Barbara thought they'd found the perfect bloke for job. But having already handed over a whopping 53 grand, he left them with an unfinished extension that's littered with faults, leaving Josh living in a hazardous leaking shell for the past seven years.

Dom goes on the trail of the man responsible and uncovers a trail of unhappy customers, dissolved companies, and money owed. When he finally catches up with him, the builder is in no mood to talk, let alone offer an apology...

Also on Dom's radar is a plumbing firm with a dubious reputation. When a stooge lures one of their plumbers to the hidden camera house, the simplest of jobs turns into a long-running saga that temporarily leaves the 'homeowner' without water, but with a very hefty bill.

Dom's Top Tips

When you find a builder being advertised on a website this is not a guarantee of their workmanship or credentials, use due diligence and thoroughly check them out yourself including taking references and speaking to at least 3 people they have worked for. Make sure the references are from jobs they've finished rather than jobs that are work in progress and visit the addresses in person to ask about the quality, costings, time keeping and if they were happy with the finished job.

Thanks to Our Suppliers

In Episode 2 - Hungerford of Bad Builders we worked with many generous, talented suppliers across the exterior and interior of the house build and refit. Click the link below and find out more about who helped us on this episode.

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